AHE Quadriceps Table Back Rest

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•    The torque unit consists of two lever arms one of which
     hold the weight while.
•    The other provide contact with the patient the exercising of the
     opposite leg is done by the lifting of the torque unit from its bracket
     and placing it on the other end.
•    The table by changing angle between the two arms, maximum or
     minimum resistance can be given at any point in the range.


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•    Resistance bar is calibrated so that resistance can be varied
     from 1/2 and 3/4 and maximum without adding weight.
•    The unit consists of foam padded seat with padded back rest.
•    Table size 70cm x80cm x120cm high.
•    Available in without backrest also 

•    Quadriceps table frame with cushion top seat and back rest duly powder
    voted with force angle adjustment facility and torque assemble and weights.