Caputron Apex Type A tDCS Device

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•    The ApeX Type A 18V – Ultimate Bundle is a great way to get started 
     with tDCS as quickly as possible.
•    It includes a complete set of accessories for those who want get going
     right out of the box. 
•    The ApeX Type A 18 volt Ultimate Bundle for tDCS is a great choice for 
     someone looking for an affordable tDCS device.
•    It has great features, excellent design and comes assembled and ready to use, 
     including a set of ElectroSquare electrodes, electrode connecting cables 
     (4 ft/1.2 meter banana to banana cables) and 2 high quality terrycloth electrode
     positioning headbands.

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•    1 ApeX Type A 18V – Transcranial direct current stimulator.
•    1 set of 4 ft. rust resistant ElectroSquare electrode cables
•    2 ElectroSquare electrodes. (New Banana Plug Connector Version)
     (hypoallergenic, rust resistant, dishwasher safe, cellulose sponge).
•    2 high quality terrycloth electrode positioning headbands.

•    Progressive Adjustment Dial
•    Heavy Duty Banana Plug Connectors
•    Ergonomic Design
•    Dual 9-volt battery system
•    Built-in Meter Precision Analog Meter - High-quality