KS Care Heel Cushion

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•    Enhances shock absorbing properties of fat cells of heel.
•    Reduces impact on heel and shock waves to leg, knees, hips and back.
•    Witnessed many of her patients suffer from foot trouble due to their trouble fitting shoes. 

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•    Invented the unique PATENTED design of K. S. Heel with the entire foot in mind. 
•    While other devices simply fit at the back of the heel, K. S. Heel 
•    Envelop the heel area for greater comfort and stability.
•    Plus, its unique end-to-end wedge design right above the heel firmly yet comfortably helps keep the foot in place.

•    For many people, when the shoe fit the ball of the foot, the heel slides off.
•    But if the heel fits well, the ball of the foot gets painfully squeezed.
•    After trying all of the available shoe aids she could find only to determine none of them worked,