Niscomed Pedal Suction with Glass Bottle (SU-101)

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·        The Niscomed Pedal Suction System is a foot/pedal-operated
model of suction apparatus widely used in hospitals, home and
other medical institutions.

·        Due to its light weight design, the equipment is easy to carry
anywhere specially in remote areas.

·        The unit has metal base to handle the operation with comfort and ease.

·        The equipment comes with a 1000 ml glass reservoir to hold liquid
waste and the unique pressure maintenance utility does not allow the
liquid waste to flow backwards when the equipment is non-operational.

·        It is available with Glass or Plastic bottle.


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Max Negative Pressure Value       


>0.08MPa / 600 MmHg


Max. Negative Pressure Back-Reduction While Non-Operational




Reservoir Volume




Pedal Pressure


≥245 N




≥4.5 Kg


·          Longer functional life

·          Compact design

·          Can be operated without power

·          Easy operations