Omron Cusion Massager(Hm-340)

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·          It is an ideal way to cure stress and relieve

 chronic neck and back pain.

·          The cushion massager offers excellent therapeutic

 relief to users who have been suffering from sleepless

 nights and increasing weight issues.

·          It is built on the principle of acupressure with an ergonomic design.

·          It has smooth curved edges so that there are no edges that can cause

 injury to face or eyes while sleeping. 

·          This massager offers gentle heating to the neck to relieve pain.

·          It comes with a washable cushion cover.

·          This Omron massager improves blood circulation and can be used

 in post-surgical therapy as well as physiotherapy training.

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·          Acupressure massage

·          Ergonomic design

·          Gentle heat

·          Removable washable cover 

·          1 year brand warranty from date of purchase

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