Prime Net Cotton Stockinette (3cm X 10mtr)

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•    Protects patient's skin from maceration and irritation
     during casting.
•    Cotton Stockinette is used to stop bleeding from wounded
     section or from protecting injured body parts.
•    Use under synthetic cast, Plaster of Paris bandages, or
     protection on amputation stump
•    Easy to apply and remove as well, the breathable quality of
     this bandage promotes fast healing of injury by avoiding dampness
     of skin of wounded part.             
•    Skin friendly cotton used to prepare this bandage does not produce
     any allergic reaction to skin.

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•    Brand:Prime
•    Size: 3cm X 10mtr
•    Easy to apply
•    Long lasting quality
•    Long lasting quality
•    Breathable weaving pattern


•    High tear strength 
•    Attractive color combinations
•    Protects skin from cast edges 
•    Smooth-finish