Sun - Band ( Silver / XX - Heavy of 1.1 Meter Cut Length )

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Sun - Band is inexpensive, versatile and portable. A 5-inch-wide low powder exercise band is made of natural rubber latex. Simply unroll desired length of exercise band and cut with scissors. Used for a variety of upper and lower extremity resistive exercises. Sun - Bands are an excellent product for exercise, rehabilitation and conditioning. The Exercise Bands provide a smooth progressive resistance throughout the full range of motion and their low recoil properties provide a smooth stretch and will not jerk back when you stretch the bands. The thickness of the material will require more strength to stretch, therefore strengthening the muscles used more. Often Physiotherapists will recommend a light band to start with and assist you to build up your strength, slowly moving up to the heavier bands, general, yellow is used for early rehabilitation or very frail individuals. The Exercise Bands can easily be tied and untied in knots to create loops for looping around your feet, arms, chair legs or door handles for specific exercises. You can take it anywhere and use it anywhere so that your fitness program can meet your busy schedule. Sun-Band can fit in your pocket, purse, or briefcase. You can take it with you to work, play, and even vacation. If you travel frequently with work, you don't have to sacrifice a regular fitness program Also available in Sun - Band Red ( Light Resistance ), Green ( Medium Resistance ), Blue ( Heavy Resistance ), Black ( X - Heavy Resistance ), Silver ( XX - Heavy Resistance ) and Gold ( Maximum Resistance )"

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