Tynor Ankle Brace

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·         It is designed to support, stabilize.

·         It limits the range-of-motion of the ankle joint.

·         It offers protection to people who are prone to ankle injuries.

·         It uses the triple action of straps, laces and rigid lateral anatomical splints.

·         It provides optimal ankle stabilization.

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·         Rigid Splinting

·         Fits left & right

·         Easy to wear

·         Comfortable snug fit


·         Triple stabilization concept.

·         Splint ensure strong immobilization.

·         Lace offers regional tightening, firm grip and good fitting.

·         “Figure of eight” strap provides additional binding and stabilization.

·         It provides extra protection to lateral ligament.

·         Lace pull mechanism provides single pull tightening and loosening.

·         It is easy to wear and remove. It is sleek, can be used inside the shoe.

·         Bilateral symmetry allows it to be used for either ankle.