Vissco Cervical Collar(Chin Support)

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·          This Cervical Collar helps to ensure you feel relief from pain.

·          It provides warmth and support to the neck region.

·          It’s comfortable support stabilizes the neck and immobilizes.

·          The cervical spine restricting its flexion, extension and rotation.

·          The cervical arch support maintains neutral alignment.

·          This product has a special Support feature making

 it a close to customized choice.

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·          Adjustable in height to stabilize.

·          The cervical region firmly to immobilize the neck during injuries.

·          Slight extension provided for chin support to relieve pressure from discs.

·          Dye-molded plastic polymers offer a firm support largely.

·          Preventing flexion & extension of the cervical spine.

·          Special Round foam bonding provided for comfort.

·          Vents provided for Air Circulation.

·          Lightweight improves patient compliance.

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