Vissco Elastic Tubing(1Mtr)

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·          It is a surgical stockinet which comes inside a

 plaster cast to prevent the skin from getting damaged.

·          It is used to cure and provide relief to patients

 suffering from lymph edema.

·          It can also be used for extending support to a joint.

·          It helps relax the hip muscles and joints and does not

 make prolonged sitting painful.

·          The round ring pillow-like tube ensures comfortable

 posture and soft surface for sitting so as to avoid


 painful episodes in the future.

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·          It can be used easily by any age group and especially renders

 to senior citizens as it is light weight.

·          Highly portable and skin and user-friendly as well..

·          Recommended for senior citizens to avoid age-related  pain

 caused due to sitting for long hours at a stretch.

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