Vkare Open Patella Knee Brace - Neoprene

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Wheel Chair Pads, Ball Type (Standard)Designed exclusively for Wheel Chair only.Distribution of pressure is uniform across the pad and has no underneath foam layer.Developed to aid those who would like to use only gel sheets on their existing seats.Reduces pressure on pelvic structure induced by prolonged sitting.Encapsulated in incontinent-proof & breathable extension fabric (wicks away moisture & heat).All the seat cushions/ overlay are available with/ without fabric cover.Medigel layer manages body heat & conforms body shape.Unlike cushions, overlays or pads are gel sheets without any high density PU foam and? are flat type only.Ball type provides extra cushioning as two balls are pressed, got interlocked aid bouncing impact.? ? ?Two varied sizes ranges from 16? to 18? are available as medium and large. ? ? ??Easily maintainable and cleanable being water proof, A premium sub-brand Chillax under the Medigel range.? ? ??? ? ? ? ? Size :?16" x 16" X 18mm

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