Wellbutech Pneumatic Compression Machine

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Pneumatic Compression Machine•Rated Voltage: AC 110~240V 50/60Hz?•Massage Mode: Sequence/Circulatory/whole?•Leg cuff Size : 930*740 *310mm??•4 Chambers& Hose sensor switch?•Consists of: Main unit and legs cuffs, Foot Plate, hose• It is adopting a free voltage adator(110V~240V /50~60Hz) for overseas use.?• The Plug Type is type C for Korea but we will send an international multi plug for FREE with your purchase.?• This product is free voltage adapter 110V to 240V so you can use it right away.?• Seven Liner ZAMZAM will make you most beautiful body line!?• Senen Liner ZAM ZAM is limb cyclical pressure device.?• helping to prevent blood clots in blood vessels with 4 chmbers.?• In order to help increase blood circulation ,periodically.?• high air pressure pumping to inflate the limb and sleeves prevents swelling and daily fatigue.?• Especially,Hose Plug Sensor Switch(cuff connection recogn ition)?are our own technology patented in korea

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