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burn's bone holding forceps
2500 4000

•    Material    Stainless Steel

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charriere bone saw
450 800

•    Material    Stainless steel

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medical electric swing saw with rechargeable battery
Not Available Not Available

•    It is a orthopedics Bone Fracture Surgery Medical Power Saw Drill battery.
•    It is operated comes with two battery and charges also has three blade easy.
•    The opearate ossacliating saw medical electric swing saw with rechargeable battery.

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Bone Drills
7500 9500

•            The purpose of using drills is to make holes in a solid surface like bones.
•            Doctors while doing surgery often faces obstacles like bones which they need to pierce.
•            This is a for clear vision and such function is conducted by using these hand drills.
•            There are diverse drills kinds that are used in dental and in other medical treatment.
•            Hand drills are the orth opedic instrument which is used for cutting bones of patients.

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Instrument Set For Large Fragment, Dentistry
35500 40000

•    It is a Instrument Set for Large Fragment, with graphical case.
•    Depth Gauge measures upto 90mm
•    Countersink 8mm1Pc. Extractor for Broken Screw
•    Plate Bending Forceps - Pair
•    Hexagonal Screwdriver 3.5mm tip
•    Neutral & Loaded Drill Guide 3.2/4.5mm
•    Reduction Forceps Serrated 230mm
•    Hohmann Retractor 42mm1Pc. Hohmann Retractor 17mm
•    4.5mm Bone Tap Cortical1Pc. 6.5mm Bone Tap Cancellous
•    Reduction Forcep Pointed 210mm
•    Self-Centering Forceps 260mm
•    Drill Guide 3.2/4.5
•    Drill Bit 3.2 x 115mm
•    Drill Bit 4.5 x 115mm
•    Drill Guide 4.5/6.5
•    Elevator 12mm
•    Elevator 15mm

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Multifunction Ortho Drill And Saw Set
150000 200000

•    It is a hand Piece Motor, Battery Operated
•    Covert Adapter for AO design reamers
•    Drill attachment (Jacob Chuck type)
•    Cannualted Drill Attachment
•    Oscillating Saw attachment
•    Reamer Attachment
•    Convert Adapter for Quick Coupling Drill bits


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ASCO Steel Instrument Set For Small Fragment
36000 38000

•    Neutral & Loaded Drill Guide 2.5/3.5mm
•    Depth Gauge measures upto 60mm
•    Countersink Drill 6mm
•    Extractor for Broken Screw
•    Plate Bender - pair
•    Elevator 12mm
•    Elevator 9mm
•    Screwdriver Hexagonal 2.5mm tip
•    Hohmann Retractor
•    5mm Bone Tap Cortical 
•    0mm Bone Tap Cancellous
•    Screw Holding Forceps SW2.5
•    Reduction Forcep Pointed 185mm
•    Reduction Forcep Serrated 170mm
•    Self-Centering Forceps 185mm
•    Drill Bit  JC 2.5 x 115mm
•    Drill Bit  JC 3.0 x 115mm
•    Drill Sleeve 2.5/3.5mm
•    Drill Sleeve 4.0/3.0mm
•    Bending Template 10 x 87
•    Bending Template 10 x 114
•    Conical Screw Extractor with T Handle
•    Sterilization Box with two trays 375 x 230 x 100m• 

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800 1500

•    This is portable and conveniently fits to the area of body causing trouble. 
•    it’s gives relief from orthopaedic discomfort.
•    it is a heating belt is light weight and shrink proof. 
•    4 layers of insulation on either side for complete comfort and safety.
•    In-built twin thermostat for 100 percent safety.
•    The heating pad has washable fabric with easy application
    and maintenance.

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Battery Operated Oscillating Saw(Series-3)
64000 66000

•    2pcs.Battery,
•    2pcs Saw Blades,
•    1 pc. Charger,
•    2 pcs Sterilizing Rings,
•    Packed in Aluminium carrying case.
•    Oscillating Saw, Battery operated.Supplied with

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PureMe N95 Washable and Reusable Mask with 4 Activated Carbon Filters Dark Blue
295 349

Washable N95 Mask to protect from pollution including PM 2.5, automobile gases and dust. When the mask gets dirty due to pollution, wash the cotton mask and replace the filter. The pack contains 4 activated carbon filters for your convenience
4 PM2.5 replaceable filters inside the pack for filtration. Each filter has life of upto 100 hours, and that's why four filters are being provided for your convenience. Additionally Filters can be purchased separately from if required from this link:
5 Layer PM2.5 Filter with Activated Carbon layer
Cotton material ensures complete comfort even in hot conditions

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Honeywell PM 2.5 Anti-Pollution Kids Mask with Special Valve Denim with Blue Pack of 5
1160 1299


Honeywell PM 2.5 Anti-Pollution Kids Mask are specially designed mask that protects the user from probable respiratory ailments originating from the polluted air around. It has an attractive kids-friendly design that provides a high quality of filter media which blocks PM2.5 dust, haze, bacteria, communicative carriers such as viruses with a filtration rate up to 95%. The masks have a 3 layer filter medic which ensures the best protection and comforts like cotton ear bands and soft adjustable nose clips that makes the best mask to wear for extended hours in hot and humid conditions.

It protects you from harmful dust, pollution, bacteria and viruses to enter the body.

Salient Features:

  • Seamless welding process helps to avoid any leakage
  • No gaps so that the harmful substances in the air do not penetrate through the mask
  • Can adjust mask and nasal adhesion at any time
  • Reduce the nasal pressure and colouration is more comfortable
  • Elastic cotton straps have good elasticity, with appropriate tightness and welding process
  • Comfortable to wear without any discomfort with easy friction
  • Dimensional cut design which fits the face perfectly, to ensure close contact of face and mask
  • It has a smiling face design to keep the mask from deforming and collapsing

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3M 9000 INY Disposable Respirator Protection Mask Yellow
120 199

3M 9000 INY Disposable Respirator Protection Mask provides effective protection from the dust particles and pollutants. It has high filtration capacity and is ideal for two wheeler riders. It is made from soft non woven fabric and is soft on the skin. It is a disposable mask and does not require any maintainance.

It protects from the harmful pollutants and dust particles.

Salient Features:

  • Provides efftctive protection from dust particles and pollutants
  • It is lightweight and foldable which makes it easy to use
  • Electrostatically charged microfibres helps in filtering airborne particles
  • Comfortable and snug fitting prevents fogging of glasses
  • It is disposable and does not require maintenance
  • Two strap design and adjustable nose clip makes it comfortable to use
  • It is ideal for two wheeler riders

Directions For Use
Refer to the label for usage instructions.

Safety Information:

  • Read the instructions carefully before use
  • Keep away from the children
  • Dispose of carefully after use
  • Store in a clean and dry place

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1Mile Disposable 3 Ply Face Mask Green
270 525

1Mile Disposable 3-ply Face Mask provides high filtration capacity to our face, mouth and is covered and protected from germs, chemicals, dust particles, fluids,etc. It has a bacteria filtration efficiency upto 99%. The face mask is made available by us in highly secure packaging and works great at medical, dental, nail salons, occupational, construction, paint, dusting, industries, allergies, gardening, etc

It protects from harmful dust, pollution, bacteria and viruses to enter the body.

Salient Features:

  • Made with 3-ply extra soft microfiber material which makes this half face mask comfortable and is suffocation free
  • Comfortable elastic ear-loops attached enables to use them for long period
  • Built-in nose piece moulds to the face design to ensure a perfect fit for men and women
  • Smart pulls dispenser box makes it convenient and easy to pull up a mask and re-pack the box to preserve the hygiene of the other masks
  • It helps to filter dust, pollen and bacteria

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