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Aerofit 2.0 Mutlifunctional Motorized Treadmill(with Digital Concept PWM Control (Sf9019))
52500 55000

•    :A treadmill is a device generally for walking or running or climbing while staying
      in the same place. 
•    This treadmil helps you to lose weight and increase the number of calories burned. 
•    It is an ideal vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise for healthy adults since it gets 
     your heart pumping, which can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Lifeline Treadmill
11750 18999

•    Foldable, portable, non-motorized treadmill machine for home use.
•    Electronic Meter for measuring Speed, distance, Calories, Time and Pulse. 
•    Weight Reduction and Belly Reduction. Lightweight exercise equipment to
     burn calories, lose weight and reduce belly fat and improve fitness. 
•    Workout from convenience of Home in front of TV. No waiting in the lines at 
     the gym, no speeding to the health club to get in before the rush no 
     walking outside at night in the dark. 
•    The product has to be assembled using an installation manual provided in
     the package. 
•    YouTube Installation video link can be provided on demand.

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Lifeline Fitness Deluxe Treadmill Machine ( Bundles with Weighing Machine)
11890 17500

•    Provision of dual adjustable inclines. 
•    Lifeline Foldable, portable, non-motorized treadmill machine for home use .
•    Electronic Meter for measuring Speed, Distance, Calories, Time And Pulse.
•    Thick and robust metal rods for heavy pounding. Wheels for moving the machine.

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Lifeline Treadmill (Black)
9899 19000

•    Foldable and easy to store stepper is perfect in improving heart
    and circulatory function and ideal in strengthening leg muscles
    twister helps to slim the thighs, waist and hips 3 level manual incline
    and foldable easy to store beautiful electro meter display calories
    burned, speed, time and distance excellent quality


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Life4line Fitness COMBO 4 IN 1 Duluxe TreadmilL and Exercise Cycle
15720 25999

•    Bring home the 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill from Lifeline to experience 
     an all-round fitness regime. 
•    The dynamic treadmill includes a stepper and a twister which helps you
      to tone your abs and leg muscles with panache.
•    The dashboard flaunts an electronic display which includes speed, 
      distance, calories, time and pulse.
•    The portable treadmill has wheels attached to its bottom, enhancing easy transportability to different rooms.
•    Also, the treadmill boasts of a wider jogging area which allows you more
     leg movement. 
•   The product has to be assembled using an installation manual provided
     in the package. 

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Lifeline Treadmill with Sweat Belt, Tummy Trimmer and Skipping Rope
11780 21999

•    Get the body you've always wanted. walking or running on a 
     treadmill is a form of aerobic exercise, which burns calories. 
•    Regular use of a treadmill helps you lose weight, especially in
     conjunction with healthy changes such as an improved diet. 
•    There are many health benefits to regular exercise, including an
     increase in the strength of the heart, reduction in body fat, and 
     decreased insulin resistance. 
•    Walking or running on a treadmill is great exercise and puts less
     stress on the body than walking or running on a flat outdoor surface. 

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Lifeline Manual Treadmill
6599 13200

•    Unique innovative design providing a longer and wider jogging surface. 
     Beautiful dash board with electonic meter having functions of scan,
     speed,distance,calories,time and pulse.
•    Provision of three different levels easily adjustable, which helps to walk
     or jog on same machine.
•    Precisely balanced cast iron pulley provides quiet and smooth running motion. 
•    Heavy duty and stable steel frame with side handle bars for extra security. 
•    Self locking of main frame with the upright bars keep the base firmly .

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Lifeline 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill
9390 16800

•    Stepper is perfect in improving heart and circulatory function and ideal
      in strengthening leg muscles.
•    Twister helps to slim the thighs, waist and hips. 3 level manual incline. 
•    Foldable easy to store and wheels for easy portability. 
•    Product has to be assembled using a installation manual provided in the package. 
•    We do not provide onsite installation services.
•    In metro and in major cities we can connect you to the 3rd party technician
     who provides installation on chargeable basis.

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Ghulali Treadmil Motorized Domestic Cosco SX-3366
90000 100000

•    Double Deck Frame Structure with Cushioning
•     which is Highly Recommended for your Joints and Comfort Level.
•    Space-saver design folding mechanism Convenient Storage and Wheels for Easy Transport

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