Gentek Collapsible Side Railing
4500 5000

•    M. S.  Tubular  constructions
•    Two  S.  S.  Rod  of  side  inside  M.  S.  Bushes,
      lockable with  knob  Pre- treated

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Gentek Lifting Pole
2280 2400

•    S. S. Tubular pole fitted with hand grip
•    Easy fitted back side of the head bow
•    Pole can be mounted on either side of the 
     bed and allows the occupant to reposition

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Gentek I.V. Rod for Hospital Bed(Telescopic)
1350 1400

•    A telescopic stainless steel infusion stand with a range
     of height adjustable from 110 to 195 cm, adapted for insertion in to
     the  lifting pole holder at the head end of the bed
•    It Can be locked to prevent unwanted rotating

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