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U-Fit Whole Body Vibrqtor
22000 39999

•    Fitness machine smoothly oscillates and triggers a rapid reflexive
    contraction of your muscles between 25 and 50 times per minute 
•    This movements causes your muscles burn large amounts of energy 
    the fast cell of their store carbohydrates due to the accelerated muscle load.
•    Rapid muscle fiber movement – contracted muscle contraction

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Mezire Mat - 01 Magnetic Accupressure relief mat
159 1299

•    The Acupressure fitness and foot mats are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine 
and utilise acupressure points which is a natural alternate medicine technique. 
Foot reflexology works on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and 
their referral areas within zone related areas, which correspond to every part 
and organ of the body. The pressure on these points is thought to help relieve 
tension, improve circulation, promote

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Mezire ACCPDKA01 ACCU Paduka Spring Slipper Acupressure
423 799

•    Star Health Accu Paduka Star Health Acupressure Spring Action Massage
Slippers is designed according to the foot reflexology. 
•    The dual benefit of Spring Acupuncture and Magnet Therapy reduces pain 
in lower and upper back, neck, shoulders, hips, muscles and joints. 
•    It improves blood circulation and reduces muscular tension.
•    Useful for: Insomnia Sciatica Digestive Problems Head aches Improving 
concentration Acupressure Spring Action Massage Sandal provides deep 
sense of Relaxation Spring acupuncture with multi massage beads Magnetic 
•    therapy as a plus with Red massage buttons Helps in excretion of toxin substances, 
improving your health Increases energy levels Develops a positive mental outlook 
Improves concentration Improves digestion

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Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband (Blue)
9999 14999

•    Pure pulse continuous, automatic wrist-based heart
 rate tracking to better measure calorie burn all day
•    Maximize your workouts using simplified heart rate
 zones (Fat burn, cardio and peak)
•    See call, text and calendar notifications on the OLED display
•    Get a better understanding of your fitness level
 and see how you can improve over time with a
 personalized cardio fitness score
•    Track all day activity like steps, distance, calories burned,
 floors climbed and active minutes
•    Automatically track how long and how well you sleep and
 wake with a silent vibrating alarm
•    Use connected GPS during run mode to see real time stats
 like pace and distance on your wrist
•    Find moments of calm throughout your day with personalized
 guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate

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SONTIGA Bluetooth Smartwatch
1100 1199

•    Compatible with all phones Android/iOS(Samsung, iPhone, htc, Motorola, vivo, coolpad, LG, gionee, Lenovo, lyf, oppo). It also has the Delicate Touch feature
•    Sim card support( gsm, micro sim ), TF card upto 32GB, 2 MPcamera, audio/video supported, g-sensor
•    Top in segment display, touch, chipset and working memory(compared to all products in this segment)
•    Time, schedule, read message, Sports health: Pedometer, sedentary remind, sleep monitoring Phone function(GSM and 2G only)
•    Sync function: QQ, what, Twitter, Facebook

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Syno care Hemo Clip
3750 3800

This device is used for endoscopic clip placement within the gastrointestinal tract for the purpose of endoscopic marking, hemostasis for mucosal/submucosal defects less than 3 cm in the upper GI tract, bleeding ulcers, arteries less than 2 mm and polyps less than 1.5 cm in diameter in the GI tract.

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Vector X Elastic Knee Support, (Black)
300 330

•    Made from the elastic Neoprene material, this knee support offers
a comfortably fit around your knees.
•    In addition to providing enhanced support to the knee, the soft and
durable Stretchable knee support prevents injuries as well.
•    Suitable for both men and women, this is a must-have accessory for gym goers.
•    Keep knee sprains at bay while you enjoy your strenuous exercise routine.

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Vector X Patella Strap (Free Size)
300 330

•    High Quality Neoprene.
•    Help Relieve Muscle and joint discomfort.
•    Reversible for right or left part.

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Fitkit Knee Support
400 799

  • Comfortable: Good knee support with no stiffness.
  • No itching. No slipping.
  • Full mobility & comfort.Free size
  • Anatomically shaped: Prevent injuries and accelerate your recovery.
  • Great for healing and rehab.
  • Pain Relief: Aid in recovery of osteoporosis, post-surgery pain, swelling

as well as strains and sprains.

  • Wear Everyday: Easy to wear thanks to its light and soft material.
  • Can be worn all day.
  • Perfect for cross training, weight lifting, gym workouts and any other types of exercises
  • Reduces inflammation/swelling, soreness, stiffness, has heating effect for

muscular recovery

  • It offers additional protection and improved blood circulation to the muscles

and tendons even as internal perforations draw away excess perspiration from

the skin for a more comfortable experience

  • Suitable for all sports activities that involve a great amount of stress on the joints

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