Orthopedic Hammer(Medium)
1250 1440

Cashback  100

·          Medical Hammer with Fiber Handle has a

 stainless steel face and a fiber handle.

·          It is used for delivering a sudden impact to

 an object like a pin, nail, and bone.

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Orthopedic Bone Nibbler 9'' st.Curved
1700 1950

·          It is used in various applications such as to

 inject medication and in many other applications.

·          Rust resistant.

·          Tensile strength. 

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Orthopedic Instruments Set(DHS/DCS)
9000 10900

·          Orthopedic instruments set.

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Orthopedic Bandage Scissor
350 425

·          Lightweight

·          Sharp edges

·          Safe to use

·          Rust proof

·          Unique designed handle

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Orthopedic Plaster Spreader
850 975

·          Plaster spreades are strong and durable medical

 instruments used for plaster and fiberglass casting removal.

·          The cast has is initially cut with a plaster cutting tool and

 then a plaster spreader is used to spread it apart to enable

 efficient and safe removal.

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Orthopedic Pointedb Reduction Forceps
1200 1480

·          The pointed reduction forceps is the primary

 choice of reduction tool.

·          It is gentle to the periosteal sleeve and can

 be used for direct and indirect reduction. 

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Orthopedic Bits Canulated
950 1125

·          Resistance against corrosion

·          Robust Quality

·          Longer life

·          Durable nature

·          Customizable

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Orthopedic Drill Bits Solid
350 420

·          Solid carbide tools offer long tool life and faster

 cutting speeds than other substrates, but are more

 brittle and must be used with rigid toolholding systems

·          Uncoated tools feature just the base substrate without

 any additional treatment or coatings.

·          Round shanks allow use with a wide variety of

 toolholding system.

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Orthopedic Hex.Screw Driver Solid
800 960

·          Solid

·          Comfortable grip

·          Easy handling

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