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Arogya Steam Bath
4000 5800
Arogya Steam Bath
4000 5800

·          It is a fabulous invention that provides the best way

 to experience spa facilities at home.

·          This interesting invention can be set up anywhere.

·          This portable device can be carried anywhere along with you.

·          It provides double power off protection.

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Arogya Hydrospana foot spa
3800 4800

·          It is an amazing cleansing method for detoxifying your entire

 body by immersing your feet in warm water

·          The Arg Hydrosana Detox machine massager is designed to

 remove the harmful toxins from your Body.

·          Through an energy therapy, capable of rejuvenating and

 awakening you by cleansing your body.

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Arogya Pedicure Spa
1800 2500

·         It heats the water in the tub to give you a relaxing experience.

·         Our foot has several acupressure points and these control our body  various functions

·         It helps in pain relief & Improves your sleep.

·         Increases your energy & Improves the blood circulation.

·         Detoxification of your entire body & Immune System Booster.

·         Help you with faster disease  and Injury recovery time.

·         Increases oxygen in your body.

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