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Inlife Hibiscus Shampoo
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•    Inlife Hibiscus Shampoo is made from natural extracts of hibiscus which has great medical benefits.
•    The Inlife Hibiscus shampoo is equally effective on colored and treated locks.
•    The natural ingredients lend a new life to dull and damaged curls making them shiny and soft. 
•    The flowers and leaves of hibiscus plant is utilized for a variety of approaches to battle hair fall 
•    induce hair development furthermore giving attractive results in bare patches.
•    It works well with split ends and rectifies the hair texture.

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Q-Sera Revitalizing Shampoo
470 550

•    Sera shampoo is a mild daily use pH balanced hair revitalizing Shampoo which prevents hair fall.
•    Q-Sera shampoo is purely organic, free from silicone, sulphate, parabens and dye. 
•    The Q Sera Revitalizing Shampoo is a gel like slightly thick in consistency
•    Which produces very thick foam when diluted with water.

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WOW Skin Science Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo
395 450

•    Wow Organics Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo contains natural apple cider vinegar.
•    It is enhanced with pure apple & pear extracts. 
•    Gentle & natural detox formula
•    Removes scaly buildups.

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Aquasilk Shampoo
190 250

•    QuaSilk Shampoo is a moisturizing shampoo for wakened and damaged hair. 
•    AquaSilk moisturizes the scalp and rejuvenates
•     The skin cells which further helps in getting soft & silky hair.
•    This Shampoo helps from get rid of the ugly snowy flakes.
•    It is clinically tested and declared as safe with natural behavior on the scalp. 

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Jiva Black Pearl Shampoo
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o    Jiva Black Pearl Shampoo is the right shampoo if you are looking for one that keeps you fresh
o    The  cool through and entire day’s heat and dust and prevents hair loss
o    Jiva Black Pearl Shampoo checks premature graying of hair and hair loss. 
•    Jiva Black Pearl Shampoo is very effective against dandruff.
Jiva Black Pearl Shampoo also helps you say goodbye to the itchy scalp problem

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Renocia Hair Revitalizing Shampoo
930 1000

•    Renocia hair revitalizing shampoo is formulated with Cell-U-Plex,
•    A synergistic blend of pure plant extracts, vitamins & 
•    Renocia hair shampoo revitalizes the growth of hair by nourishing the roots from the inside
•    It also cleanses the hair against the roughness of pollution and dust. 
•    The shampoo helps your hair to fight against common hair problems of hair thinning, hair loss, dandruff, split ends and frizzy hair

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Spoo Baby Tear Free Shampoo
260 350

•             Spoo Baby Shampoo is an emollient-based, gentle, soap-free, non-irritating shampoo

•             That is of thick consistency and transparent in color.

•             It lathers up nicely and washes off completely without leaving any sticky residue behind.

•             It is absolutely Hypoallergenic and cleans hair thoroughly and removes oil giving fresh hair.

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Dermadew Shampoo
180 220

•    Dermadew shampoo contains aloe vera extract,
•    Olus oil, passion flower as its main ingredients.

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Revilus Shampoo
280 320

•    Dimethicone is used as a moisturizer to treat or prevent dry, rough, scaly, and itchy skin
•    Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride is used as a conditioning agent 
•    To condition the hair and scalp
•    Hydrolyzed pea protein exhibits an excellent substantively on damaged hair and has

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