blood glucose monitor

Gemini Lancing Devices
500 800

•    Ensures accurate readings
•    High speed, accurate lancet guide - prevents sideways movement which tears skin

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Gemini Omron Blood Gulcose Meter
11000 12000

    •    Omron Blood Glucose Monitor can proficiently measure the sugar levels in blood 
    •    It also provide with a testing time of just 5 seconds

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Accusure Gold Glucometer
1200 1899

·          Small, easy and accurate

·          Tiny blood sample (0.6uL)

·          Long battery life (5 years/4000 tests)


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BeatO Blood Glucometer
1000 2200

·          BeatO Smart Glucometer simply plugs into your Smartphone

 and when you take a reading.

·          It gets automatically saved on your mobile and is instantly

 shared with family, Doctor and our Certified Diabetes Experts.

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Operon Gmate Wheel
1200 2500

·          No more hassle from handling used test strips!

·          Wheel ejector enables easy & hygienic test strip removal.

·          Intuitive design for fun & easy use

·          This is a glucose meter with its wheel functioning as a test strip ejector.

·          The two buttons also serve as a convenient navigation.

·          Reliable & safe from infection.

·          This is hygienic and infection-free glucose testing.

·          Exceptionally designed and portable.

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Operon Gmate ON Glucometer
1300 2990

·        By using “On the Go” connection, maximize android smartphone connectivity
Check result, manage and transport data.

·        HIGHLY PORTABLE & ACCESSIBLE: Install the Gmate On program on your android
smartphone, connect to the USB port and it will automatically start its application

·        PERSONALIZED MOBILE PLATFORM:After measuring your blood glucose, you can
share your results and record data.

·        VOICE SUPPORT: Gmate On presents voice activated results.

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Dr. Diaz Blood Gluco Meter
700 1999

·          Measurement: 20-600mg/dl

·          Test Time: 6 seconds

·          Hematocrit: 30-55%

·          Battery Life: 1000 tests

·          Operating Temperature: 10C-40C

·          Size: 90(L)X53(W)X20(H) mm

·          Memory: 300 sets with date and time

·          Power Supply: 15V AAA BatteryX2

·          Data Management: 7,14,30 days average

·          Download Capability: VSBVIG RS232 interface



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Accu-Chek Gluco Lab Blood Glucose Meter
1000 2143

·        The GlucoLab Auto-coding meter constantly measures the ambient
temperature to ensure that your results will be correct

·        The GlucoLab Auto-coding meter allows you to have results based
on averages you want to see. 



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Accu-Chek Integra Glucometer
350 596

·        Accu-Chek Integra Test Strips are one of the leading process
of blood sugar testing.

·        It always provides an ultimate and accurate result in very
short time of period.

·        It has all useful and beneficial features which are also
recommended by doctors.

·        Now you can easily check and keep a record of blood sugar
level seating in your home.

·        Integra drum comprises of 17 test strips which are inserted
into the meter.

·        It possesses automatic coding with every new drum. Expiry
warning for each newly inserted drum.



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