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Technocare Veterinary Pulse Oximeter (NT 1B)
16800 18500

•    We Provide Veterinary Pulse Oximeter to our esteem clients.
•    Can be used for spot-check and continuous monitoring.
•    A basic, portable pulse oximeter suitable for cats, dogs, or similar sized animals.
•    These Veterinary pulse oximeter are suitable for adult, pediatric and neonate

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Technocare Pulse Oximeter with NIBP (CMS-5200)
14000 18000

•    7" TFT, led backlight , 800x480 pixels.
•    Visual and Audio alarms, adjustable.
•    Patient management, name and age and id.
•    Network with Central Station Software
•    Audio volume adjustable form 1 ~ 8 level.
•    Built-in removable and rechargeable lithium battery
•    UI with both Keypad and and Touch Screen operatio.
•    Powerful data storage and management, Trend grapnh, Trend table, etc
•    Memory: Built-in memory or miniSD Memory card. Store more than1000 pieces of archive

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Gemini Pulse Oximeter
3500 4000

•    Pulse Oximeter is a very important 
•    It also common device to check oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate

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Sumo Finger Tip pulse Oximeter
2800 3999

•    The product is easy to use, small in volume, light in weight, and convenient in carrying. 
•    It has strong anti-ambientlig ht interference, and uses low consumption design. 
•    The lo w power indicator is on the front panel.
•    It should be used for spot monitoring only and not for continuous monitoring. 
•    It is ideal for use in the hospital, clinic, home, oxygen bar, sports centre, 
mountain climbing, piloting airplanes, etc.

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Technocare Pulse Oximeter with NIBP(CMS-5100)
16800 19800

  • The monitor is useful to display Pleth waveform.
  • Also, the device automatically selects the parameter measurements

to display according to the probes connected to the monitor.

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Technocare Handheld Pulseoximeter(NT 1B)
17000 18000

•    Handheld pulse oximeter is a compact, user-friendly and portable device, 
•    measuring the SpO2 and pulse rate in hospital, clinics and homecare, 
•    suit for Adult, Pediatric and Neonate.
•    Parameters: SPO2, Pulse Rate, PULSE BAR
•    Usage: Hospital, Clinic, Personal
•    Brand: Technocare Medisysteam

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Technocare Fingertip Pulse Oximeter(CMS-50 E)
4900 5200

•    Small in volume, light in weight and convenient in carrying
•    Operation of the product is simple, low power consumption
•    Integrated with SpO2 probe and processing display module
•    Spo2 value display, pulse rate value display, bar graph display, pulse 
•    waveform display, the display mode can be changed
•    Screen brightness can be changed , low-voltage indication: low-voltage 
indicator appears before working abnormally which is due to low-voltage
•    Automatically power off function: when the device is under the state of 
measuring interface, it will automatically power off within 5 seconds 
if the finger falls out of probe
•    Display format can be saved after power off

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ASE Pulse Oximeter With NIBP
17000 22000

·          Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patient

·          2.8\" Hight brightness TFT LCD display

·          High brightness LED display of NIBP, SPo2 and pulse rate

·          Up to 2000 groups NIBP data storage and SpO2 data up to 48 hours

·          Powerful data storage and management,Trend table

·          Visual and Audio alarms

·          Adjustable audio volume

·          Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion polymer battery


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ASE CMS-60C Pulse Oximeter(HandHeld)
13000 16000

·          Measurement Range:25 ~ 250 bpm 

·          Resolution:1bpm 

·          Accuracy:(+/-)3 bpm (non-motion) 

·          Alarm Range:25 - 250 bmp 

·          Refreshing Rate:1s


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