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Kansil Human Skeleton -40 cm
140 300

•    This model is a more economical teaching model,
•    Which is perfect for doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturist, physical    therapist etc. 
•    It comes with removable and movable parts that makes
    it convenient for studying anatomy for adults.
•    The top skull part can be taken down and many joints can natural rotate.

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Kansil Human Skeleton - 70 cm With Stand
550 2000

•    This Model is a replica of a Human Skeleton, half life size
•     Model shows the anatomy of the Human Skeleton .
•    This is our Life Sized Skeleton Model which is perfect for doctors.
•     It is chiropractors, acupuncturist, physical therapist etc.
•    Comes with removable and movable parts

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Kansil Human Body Skeleton - Fibre Glass
2500 5000

•    Human Skeleton Facts
•    Each bone assembled separately to learn the bone names individually
•    Includes 41 Piece plastic model, display stand and guide with skeleton facts

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Kansil's Kidney
1300 1700

·          Model shows a longitudinal section

 of the left kidney.

·          Mounted on stand.

·          Size: 3 times on life size.

·          31 parts labeled in total. 

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