Auto Cpap With Integrated Humidifier
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37500 38000
Auto Cpap With Integrated Humidifier
37500 38000

•    Entrusted Auto CPAP with AST (Automatic Synchronization Technology) ensures that our device and our patients are at perfect synchronization with each other
•    This in turn renders the most comfortable sleep with the optimum pressure to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea and snoring.
•     Our device is integrated with heated humidifier which works on Anti dry safety protection technology and we provide nasal mask, breathing circuit, SD card with advanced data management and professional data interpretation software to track the day to day therapeutic improvements by patients and their physicians, filters, user manual and a premium carrying case.
•     Our features include auto ON/OFF provision, easy handling with just 3 buttons, a ramp time of 0 to 60 minutes, 2.8 “ color TFT with real time treatment data display, the versatile EPR(Expiratory Pressure Relief, 0-3 level) .
•    Its noise level of 28 db with patented muffling technology gives a peaceful and comfort sleep to our patients and their partners.

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