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2040 Healthcare Open Front Commode Chair
750 2100

•    Comfortable Commode chair for converting Indian Toilets.
•    Built in backrest, 17" seat width.
•    Made of Powder coated steel for firm support.
•    Overall weight 14 kgs.
•    Removable Pot included.
•    Can also be used as a bedside commode.
•    A Comfortable Commode chair with Backrest and arm rest for
    converting Indian Toilet into Western style commode.
•    Rubber tipped legs to prevent slipping
•    Ideal for Elderly and Patient.

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Vissco comfort -Steel Folding Commode Chair (with Caster)
2899 5170

•    It is a medipedic commode which is easily foldable, has strong hand 
    grip, and an antimicrobial plastic seat & cover. 
•    This Commode Chair is portable and the adjustable seat 
    height makes it very user-friendly.
•    The bowl easily slides out from both sides and the rubber floor grips 
    ensure the commode stays firm in place.
•    Comfort - Steel Folding Commode Chair with Castors is an excellent
    solution to problems faced by elderly people in toilets and lavatories.  

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Vissco Comfort - Steel Folding Commode Chair
2530 3327

•    This Steel Folding Commode Chair is a great option for if
    You are looking for a folding commode chair. 
•    The foldable design makes it easy to be carried and transported to any place.
•    It can later be removed, emptied, washed, disinfected and reused.
•    This one has added castors for better support and ease of usage.
•    Manufactured with high quality steel, the Vissco Folding Commode
    Chair with Castors is rust-free and built to last for several years.
•    The removable pan is ideal for those who are bed-ridden.
•    It also has an adjustable seat height and a moveable stand and
    Washbowl that are very convenient for disabled individuals.

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Vissco Comfort - Toilet Safety Rails
2854 3753

•    The toilet Safety Rails provide ease, comfort and safety to
    Seniors and patients, whilst maintaining their dignity. 
•    The product provides support while lowering down and rising up from the toilet seat
•    It not only aids in sitting and standing but also prevents vulnerable elderly
    Citizens from falling..
•    The body consists of an anodised rust-resistant material with 
    Plastic moulded armrest for better grip and comfort.
•    The height of the armrest can be adjusted as per the comfort 
    Of the person using it; similarly even the width between the handles is adjustable. 
•    This would make the safety frame fit in most of the commodes.
•    It is easy to fold and can be carried anywhere you go; because of the 
    Folding feature, the handling becomes easy. 
•    The Toilet Safety Rails are also very easy to clean.

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Vissco Comfort New Wall Mounted Commode
1857 2609

•    Accident or trauma patients, who recently have had surgery or operation, also
    Cannot use regular toilets as they cannot reach it by themselves.
•    This easy-to-install product will make the lowest of commodes easy for you to use.
•    Menial functions, like going to the toilet, cannot be performed by senior citizens
    Who are bedridden or suffer from diseases that restrict their free movement.
•    But with Vissco New Wall Mounted Commode you can enjoy the facilities 
    Of a toilet without the hassle of traveling to the bathroom.

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Vissco Comfort -Medipedic Commode Plain
2210 2507

•    This product is also useful for people who may be immobile or have 
    mobility and find it difficult to reach the toilet multiple times a day. 
•    This problem is most commonly faced by the elderly, who usually suffer
    from knee problems and have difficulty in using the Indian-style toilet.
•    This easily foldable Medipedic commode can be taken around easily, provides a strong
    hand grip, and has an antimicrobial plastic seat and seat cover.
•    Additionally, the bowl slides easily from both the sides and rubber
    grips have been provided on the bottom to ensure a firm grip on the floor.

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Vissco Comfort -Shower chair
2100 3327

•    Light weight makes it extremely easy to carry around during traveling.
•    Comfortable seating and can easily manage weight of up to 100 kgs.
•    It is comfortable for the user and easy to clean and manage.
•    Adjusted chair as per the individual’s needs. 
•    The  Shower Chair with Backrest is made from steel for durability.
•    It has an easily foldable frame for portability and it is ideal for storage in small living areas.
•    Armless and comes with a backrest for extra comfort.
•    It is built with small but sturdy wheels on the base, it becomes
    easy to port the individual to the bathing area.
•    It is suitable for aged people, or people who have difficulty in standing for long periods of time
    Rust-proof lower aluminum frame
•    One can adjust the height without the need of any tools for comfort.
•    Extra safety because rubber tips on the legs are slip-resistant.
•    Easy water drain because of large seat with textured holes on the backrest
•    Seat and back are constructed of durable plastic and it can be used for many years.

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Vissco Comfort - Commode Elevated Seat
1499 1850

•    It can be affixed onto the regular western commode and is an ideal rehabilitation aid
    For patients post hip surgery or fracture. 
•    It's an excellent supporting aid for the elderly helpful for those
    who are unable to sit or bend.
•    Fits almost all regular western style commodes with a clamp
    Fitting for stability and remains secure when patient is sitting.
•    It helps in elevating the sitting levelof commode. 
•    Available in three sizes: 50 cms or 2" "e; 100 cms or 4" "e; 150 cms or 6" "e.

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Vissco Comfort- Folding Commode without Castors
3100 5130

•    It has primarily been designed with the purpose of facilitating dailyroutines for
    Those who need a portable, flexible and sturdy option to the toilets present in their homes.
•    It is hygienic and skin  friendly, an
    Important feature that helps minimize the risk of infections and skin problems.
•    The seat is manufactured out of polyethylene plastic.
•    This material makes the product lightweight, easy to remove, easy to clean and maintain.
•    The product also boasts of an elevated and height-adjustable seat.
•    This enables the user to pick an optimum height for a comfortable posture.
•    The commode also provides rigid support and is sturdy to ensure comfortable use.
•    This product has primarily been designed with the purpose of facilitating daily routines
    For those who need a portable, flexible and sturdy option to the toilets present in their homes.

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