IMI Smooth Exercise Table(60"X 36")
20400 25400

•    A cutout enables patient to sit close, Providing exercises in 
     plane for shoulder & elbow with one skates.
•    Top of 150cm x 88cm laminated board is mounted on rubber
      tipped tubular legs.
•     Frame finished in oven baked enamel. 
•     Height of the top is adjustable from 60cm to 88cm.

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IMI shoulder spring exerciser
2280 3800

•    Medium tension, elbow and shoulder, exerciser is 
    constructed of steel wire with a spring loop in the centre, 
    have hand grips at the ends for both hands. 
•   Finished bright chrome plated.

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IMI Stretch-IT, Resistive Exercise Bands Set (5.5mtr. X 5 Resis)
8790 9800

•   Stretch-It a resistive treatment & exercise system with unlimited options. 
•   With each roll of 15cm wide x 5.5 meter long bands, you can design exercise
    programs to suit patient's specific needs. 
•   Full Set of Five rolls come in  FIVE resistances.

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IMI Therpy Putty (Imported,100gms.pack)
730 900

•    It is designed to meet a wide range of hand / arm strengthening needs,
     Putty can be squeezed, twisted, stretched or pinched. 
•    Bleedproof non-toxic, clean & non-oily therapy putty leaves no colour or
     residue on patient's hand and it won't fragment, separate or stick to skin. 
•    Available in five different resistances & colours.

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IMI Gel Ball's Set (Set Of Six Balls)
1980 2400

•   Round, Soft, Squeezable Gel balls for therapeutic
    exercises of Grip & Fingers.
•   Set of Six Balls in Three sizes i.e. 60mm, 45mm, 32mm
    diameter (Two of Each Size) and comes in Two Different
    Colours, and in Two Resistances.

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IMI Ball Medicine (Set Of 5 Balls With Cabinet)
16990 20000

•    Balls are made out of fine leather, securely stitched with
     strong leather cord, suitable for arm and leg exercises. 
•    Double door, well-polished, wooden cabinet with a shelf 
     to hold five ball medicines.
•    Leather medicine balls comes in different sizes & weights, set
     of five: 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg and 5kg.

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IMI Dumbbells Set (54Kg Set With Car
21780 21990

•    Solid steel dumbbells with chrome plated finish and
      powder coated cart.
•     Dumbbells Set consists of 2 Dumbbells of each weight:
      1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg, 2.5kg, 3kg, 3.5kg, 4kg, and 4.5kg. & 5kg. 
•     Total weight of the set 54kg. 
•     Comes with two tier, painted, tubular constructed mobile cart
      for organised storage of dumbbells.
•     Cart moves on two 10cm heavy duty wheels.

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IMI IMICO Weight Cuff Set (Double Set+ Storage Rack)
19400 19900

•    Iron pellets filled cuff is double sewn & had long wrap around
     straps to hold weight cuff securely in place. 
•    Strengthen weak muscles through load resisting exercises of
     both upper and lower limbs. 
•    A full set consists of 24 Colour coded cuffs i.e. two each 150 gm.,
    300 gm., 500 gm., 750 gm., 1 kg, 1.25 kg, 1.50 kg, 1.75 kg, 
     2 kg, 2.5 kg, 3 kg, 4 kg.
•    Full set comes with a Powder coated Rack to store weight cuffs.

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IMI Grip Exerciser( With Base)
2700 2900

•    The upper bar is calibrated in centimeters and is provided 
     with a needle to mark & record the daily progress. 
•    Chrome plated finished, metallic grip exerciser is fitted on a
     75mm wide laminated base. 
•    Suitable for patients with very weak / infirm hand.
•    Gives heavy resistance with Six detachable springs.

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