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•    Crepe Bandage, which are fabricated in compliance with all the norms .
•    Manufactured using thick fabric, these bandages have several
•    Features suchj as woven fast edges, better elasticity, controlled,
•    These bandages Help in allowing normal skin breathing, 
•    As they do not hamper joint and muscular flexibility.
•    The elasticity of these bandages and enhance their functional life, one should
•    Wash them in warm soapy water, then rinse thoroughly in fresh water of tap,
•    Then squeeze them gently and all

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IMI- Hand Skates Roller
650 850

•    Stainless steel channel's fabricated skate, fitted with 
     free movement wheels and a gripping handle for exercising 
     on the exercise board for Hand, Arm and Shoulder exercise. 
•    Can be used on the exercise board .

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IMI leg skate roller
3200 3800

•    Powder coated, steel rod fabricated skate, fitted
     with three free movement casters & an aluminum foot hold
     with straps for hip exercises. 
•    Can be used on the exercise board or on ground.

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IMI- Ankle Exerciser (Dorsi &Planter Exercises)
4500 5600

•    Painted aluminium boot with strap to hold the foot is mounted 
     on a laminated base with Stainless steel sheet bracket having
     two springs for ankle (Dorsi and Plantar flexion) exercises. 
•    Resistance can be increased further by tightening spring's nut. 
•    Degree of flexion can be measured and recorded.

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IMI Heel Exerciser (Spring Loaded)
3900 4900

•    The pressing lever shaft is marked and fitted with
     a marker to measure and record the improvement.
•    The resistance can be increased or decreased by shifting
     the foot holder up or down on the numbered lever arm. 
•    Specially designed unit for exercising the heel &
     tarsus muscle groups. 
•    Unit is fitted on a laminated wooden base and patient
     can exercise while sitting on chair. 
•    The resistance can be increased or decreased by shifting
     the foot holder up or down on the numbered lever arm.   

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IMI Rowing Machine Cum Sliding Seat (with Adj. Base)
23900 27500

•    Bright Chrome plated tubular steel frame is fitted
     on an angular incline adjustable base.
•    Specifically designed foam padded seat is fitted with
     4 nylon castors for free movement.
•    Seat fitted with Two high tension springs, seat slides
     smoothly on the frame for resistive leg exercises.
•    Three springs are also provided for resistive arm and
     shoulder exercises.
•    Further resistance can be given by adjusting the incline 
     plane of the base.


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IMI Leg Exerciser, Paddler (W/o. Resistance)
3100 3800

•   Leg-Exerciser for reactivation and
    mobilization of the Leg muscles. 
•   Suitable for leg exercises with Free paddling
    movement without resistance.

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IMI- Ped-o-Cycle ( Bi-Directional,With Resistance)
5400 8500

•    Ped-O-Cycle for reactivation and mobilization of the joints 
     and for strengthening the leg muscles.
•    Suitable for patient unable to sit on a regular exercise bicycle.


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IMI Cycle Exerciser, Static (Powergym)
7900 9800

•    Static Cycle Exerciser, with ruggedly built tubular 
     steel frame, stands solidly on properly balanced base
     with powder coated finish. 
•    Resistance system provides smoothness, durability, and
     runs virtually silent.

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