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JL Smart Watch
1200 1500

•    Watch is synthetic the use of examined uncooked material and greater.
•    We area unit a unit engaged in providing the associate
     exclusive value of good Watches.
•    This merchandise area unit a unit created by our professionals
     victimization newest technology and device.

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JL Double Tummy Trimer
220 300

•    We have gained a prominent place in the market 
•    For providing Double Tummy Trimmer

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JL JLTC Temperature And Humidity Smart Digital Clock
600 800

•    Indoor Room LCD Electronic Temperature Humidity Meter Digital
•    Thermometer Hygrometer Weather Station Alarm Clock HTC-1

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Sumo Tubular Air Mattress with Pump
5236 6074

•    Power supply: 220V/60Hz
•    Air output: 7-8 liter/min.
•    Pressure range:70 mmHg - 130 mmHg
•    Cycle time: 12 min
•    Power consumption:7 w
•    Fuse: 1 A
•    Size: 29cm(L) x 12cm(W) x 10cm(H)
•    Weight:1.6kg
•    Pad:-
•    Standard Size:80 ”(L) x32-36 “(W)
•    4.5'' 18 cells
•    Top cover:Nylon PU with buttons
•    Air cells: Nylon PVC
•    Bottom: tarpaulin
•    Mattress weight: 5.5-6.5kg
•    Weight Capacity: 145kg

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Sumo Bubble Type Air Mattress with Pump
1800 2002

•    Size: 200(L)x90(W)x7(H)cm
•    Bubble: 130 bubble cells
•    With End flaps
•    Material: medical class Taiwanese PVC
•    PVC thickness: 0.3mm
•    Repair kit and hose included
•    Mattress weight: 2.2-2.5kgs
•    Weight Capacity: 130-135KGS
•    Power supply: 110V/220V/50-60Hz
•    Air output: 7-8 liter/min
•    Pressure range:70 mmHg - 130 mmHg
•    Cycle time: 12MINS
•    Power consumption:7 w
•    Fuse: 0.5 APump

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Ready Bed Air Mattress
2000 3999

·          Air Mattress

·          Comfortable and durable.

·          It provides comfort sleep

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BDS Flowmeter Dial Only
203 232

·         The lack of a flow tube and the durable metal body prevent

 the breakage problems long associated with standard flowmeters.

·          The compact size allows the unit to fit into tight headwall areas and

 makes it virtually damage-proof when other equipment is installed.

·          Accuracy is assured at every flow setting without the need for a visible

 float as in thorpe tube flowmeters.




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BDS Disposable Oxygen Cylinder
300 440

·          Safe to use

·          Compact, portable and lightweight

·          Rugged design

·          Durability

·          Consist of Aluminium Canister,

·          Aerosol Valve and Inhaler cup.

·          Content: Oxygen contains more than 95% V/V remaining Pure Air V/V

·          Water Capacity : 495 ml.

·          Gas Capacity : 10 Ltra


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Niscomed Head Immobilizer
6000 10000

·        The Niscomed Head Immobilizer has low-cost blocks with
disposable foam pads straps and are so effective that
inconvenience of taping the patient can be eliminated.

·        The speed blocks a simple four-step process for application.

·        The multi- axis blocks system to accommodate all head
shapes an injury positions.

·        It provides direct access to patient’s ears for better
communication and inspection.


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