BMI Skin Fold caliper
14850 14850
BMI Tuning Forks
12500 12500
BMI Skin Fold caliper
14850 14850

·          The fact that body components vary widely in their

 percentage relationship to total weight is the fundamental

 limitation to interpreting body weight.

·          If the real problem is obesity rather than mere overweight,

 overweight and fatness must be dissociated

 to be understood properly.

·          The most direct,simple, and accurate method for estimating

 leanness-fatness is measuring the thickness of skinfolds

 by constant-tension calipers.

·          Technology are specifically designed for the simple, accurate

 measurement of subcutaneous tissue.

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BMI Scoliosis Meter
88000 88000

·          Baseline Scoliosis Meter.

·          This scoliosis meter measures the degree of

 rotation of a deformity of the back.

·          Use it to screen which persons to

 refer for further medical evaluation. 

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BMI Tuning Forks
12500 12500

·          Professional medical tuning forks from Gardiner Brown. 

·          Also available individually.

·          Set comprises the following frequencies for essential

 hearing and perception tests.

·          Made out of high chrome steel, hardened, ground

 and polished for the perfect pitch.

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BMI Sensory Evaluators
125500 125500

·         Use these evaluators to test sensory levels and obtain objective data for

 accurate reporting on the status of diminishing or returning sensibility.

·         The filament bends when peak force threshold is reached.

·         The unique handle easily opens to a 90° angle for testing. When closed,

 the Sensory Evaluator can be carried safely in a pocket or carrying case,

 protecting the filament when not in use.

·         Finger indentations on the handle provide a firm, comfortable hold.

·         The Sensory Evaluator handles are marked with the corresponding

 color-coded pressure level.

·         Individual replacement Sensory Evaluators are sold separately, including

 the 5.07, which indicates loss of protective sensation for foot.


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BMI 1185 Digital Inclinometer
53715 53715

·          It offers the speed and ease of use of a digital display.

·          The Digital Inclinometer can be used in conjunction with

 a second unit for neck and back measurements.

·          This Medical Inclinometer is ideal for diagnosis and

 therapy tracking in clinical and hospital settings.

·          The Baseline Digital Inclinometer has an automatic shut-off

 after 15 minutes and comes with a protective case.

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BMI Acuangle Inclinometer
24750 24750

·          The Acuangle  Inclinometer offers side-to-side adjustable

 feet to allow it to adapt to body contours.

·          The 12-1149 provides rapid measurement results with a

 pointer that is damped by fluid to prevent oscillation interference.

·          The Inclinometer is ideal for diagnosis and tracking the

 progress of therapy, the range of motion can easily

 be read from the dial. 

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BMI Wrist Evaluation sets
55000 55000

·          The Baseline Wrist Evaluation Set includes a dynamometer,

 knob, goniometer, and table mount for accurate treatment.

·          Use for both diagnosis and tracking the progress of therapy,

·          It is crafted from high quality materials

 to ensure long life and extended durability.

·          It is ideal for hospitals, clinics, and treatment centers. 

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BMI Mechanical Pinch Gauge
35500 35500

·          The most frequently used B&L Engineering gauge, and

 the one most often cited in research literature

·          Pinch gauge records isometric tip, key and palmar

·          pinch strength in lbs. and kilograms

·          Dual scale in pounds and kilograms

·          Key, tip and palmar pinch strength

·          Accurate within 1% of full scale

·          Official certificate of calibration

·          Official CE mark with notified body number

·          Fitted foam storage box

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BMI Hydraulic Pinch Gauge
31153 31153

·          The Hydraulic Pinch Gauge is a strength indicator

 during rehabilitation following injury or surgery for the hand.

·          The hydraulic system assures convenience, product reliability,

 measurement accuracy and repeatability for all pinch tests.

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