laparoscopic instruments

Fenestrated Grasper 5mm
2000 6000

•    Also available in modular three-piece design.
•    Often used during robotic-assisted procedures including bariatric, cholecystectomy, and hysterectomy.
•    Fenestrated grasper jaws are similar to the jaws on the Endo-wrist® fenestrated grasper on the Da Vinci system.

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Needle Holder ( Titanium) 5 mm
7500 15000

•    These needle drivers are constructed of titanium
•    100% anti-magnetic so it can be used for MRI applications
•    Completely resistant to corrosion from nitric acid, chloride, saltwater, and industrial and organic chemicals

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Clip Applicator With 3 Rods ( With LT 200/300/400) 10mm
5000 10000

•    With direction index, sapphire lens cover never abrasion
•    The unique 22° curved tube can make doctor find the left and right fallopian tube easily.
•    The endoscope has limiting stopper, easy to control the insetion depth
•    Laparoscope with handle and instruments with metal handle can be chosen
•    Low temperatire plasma sterilization can be used.

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