RMS X-Ray Machine MDX-100 / MCB
170000 190000

•    100 mA, 100 KVP Mobile X-Ray Machine
•    100mA, 100 KVP, Mobile X-Ray Machine for Radiography only  
•    Electronic Timer
•    Electronic Overload Protection Device
•    Stationary Anode X-Ray Tube
•    Collimator
•    Counter Balanced Mobile Stand
•    Suitable for Bed Side X-rays

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RMS X-Ray Machine MDX-300 / FS / HRT
400000 450000

•    300 mA, 125 KVP, X-Ray Machine with Floor to ceiling Stand & Horizontal Bucky Table for Radiography
•    300 mA, 125 KVP X-Ray Machine for Rad. Only/ Rad + Fluoro Applications                                                                                                     
•    24 KW X-Ray Generator.
•    Electronic Timer
•    Electronic Overload Protection Device
•    Tube: Rotating Anode X-Ray Tube: BEL or Toshiba
•    Tube Stand: Floor to ceiling type (FS)
•    Table: Horizontal Bucky Table for Radiography    
•    Optional: Vertical Bucky stand, 2nd Tube, IITV System    

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RMS X-Ray Machine MDX-500 / FS / HRT
480000 520000

  • 500 mA, 125 KVP, X-Ray Machine with Floor to ceiling Stand & Horizontal Bucky Table forRadiography
  • 500mA, 125 KVP X-Ray Machine for Radiography only or Rad + Fluoro Applications
  • 40 KW X-Ray Generator
  • Electronic Timer
  • Electronic Overload Protection Device
  • Tube: Rotating Anode X-Ray Tube : BEL or Toshiba
  • Tube Stand: Floor to ceiling type (FS)
  • Table: Horizontal Bucky Table for Radiography

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Computer Based Sphirometer
35000 60000


  • Application:- Hospital Use
  • Model :- Helios 401
  • Brand:- Nidek,Helios
  • Operation Mode:- Automatic
  • Packing Size:- standard
  • Warranty:- 1 year
  • Tests Performed:- Static Spirometry,FEV1,PEF, FVC, Bronchial  Challenge,

  Cough Peak  Flow, MEP,MIP, Lung Volume, DLCO, MVV,

  • Accuracy% (+/-) :- 0.5
  • Is It Reusable:- Reusable
  • Is It Portable:- Portable


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Dr.Diaz Semi Auto Biochemistry Analyzer(Dr-7000)
130000 161000

·          Optic system adopts new type of interface filters which

 is featured by heat-resistant, moist-resistant, longevity

 of service, little center wavelength excursion, high

 optical signal-noise ratio etc.

·          The main control system adopts industrial ARM and

 new type of high precision £-A/D transfer, with high

 measurement precision and reliable.

·          English operation interface, real-time reaction

 curve display and enlarge.

·          Barcode reader connection is available and the flip open

 shell is more convenientor maintenance.

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Dr.Diaz Microplate Reader
130000 161000

·          Large LCD display, with touch screen.

·          96-well plate, multiple tests in the single plate.

·          Westguard Multi-rule, automated QC alert.

·          Plate shaking, speed and time adjustable.

·          Fully automatic

·          Easy Windows operation system with touch screen or

 mouse, large LCD display 8-channel optical fiber system

 enables 5 secs\' reading for the whole plate

·          Random positive and negative control setting

·          Multi-assay enables up to 12 different assays on one plate

·          Large memory, up to 100 test protocols and 10,000 can be stored

·          Powerful QC function: Grubs, Westguard Multi-rule,

 Levey jennings plot (optional)Plate shaking

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Dr.Diaz Semi Auto Biochemistry Analyzer(RT1904C)
130000 161000

·          Large color LCD display with adjustable screen

·          Easy Windows operating system with USB mouse

·          Westguard multi-rule, 3 kinds of QC level

·          Semi-auto Chemistry Analyzer is window operated

 OPEN system with mouse and large LCD display.

·          It supports reagent -open system for both flow

 cell and cuvette mode.

·          Analytical modes include kinetic two point, bichromatic

 end point with or without reagent blank or sample blank,

 linear or non-linear calibration curves.

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Dr.Diaz Microplate Elisa Washer
131000 161000

·          Washes Flat, U and V-bottom strips and plates

·          Small residual volume, multiple aspiration ways

·          Manifold with two needles for aspiration and dispensation, 

 avoid cross-contamination

·          Liquid level detection and alert function

·          Bi-chromatic optic system with 4 wavelengths

·          Plate shaking feature

·          8-channel optic fiber system - get result in just 5 seconds

·          Large touch-screen LCD display with optional external mouse

·          Large memory to store 500 tests and 10,000 results

·          Ability to perform 12 different tests in one plate

·          Multi-forms in results output including

·          Individual patient comprehensive report

·          Optional built-in modem for remote

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Dr.Diaz Hematology Analyzer (Double Chamber)
425000 490000

·               Large color LCD display and Linux operating system.

·               Support USB data backup and system upgrade.

·               Excellent data management with mouse and keyboard.

·               High efficient self-checking system and low maintenance.

·               Support LIS and HIS with HL7 protocol.

·               Collaborator of BIO-RAD control target value available.

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