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Ks care gauze swab with x ray thread 16 ply
472 590

•    The folded margin option allows adjustment of the swabs
•    Gauze swabs with X-ray thread are produced from bleached 
•    The advantage is a good absorbency, breathability and softness
•    Opening without creation unwanted fraying edges: the other options
•    The non-sterile gauze swabs are packaged 100 swabs per paper bag.
•    The unwoven X-ray thread allows checking gauze swabs during X-ray radiation. 

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Gentek Invailid Wheelchair -Electric
170500 180000

•    Wheelchair Electronic with Safety Lamp
•    Adjustable Armrest Pad, Detachable Side board
•    Adjustable Angle Backrest
•    Maximum Distance covered on Single

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Gentek Invailid Wheelchair -Foldable
7500 8000

•    Powder coated Aluminium frame
•    Reclining high back
•    Detachable armrest
•    Elevating footrest
•    Solid rear wheel
•    Longer service life
•    Resistance against corrosion


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IMI-Stick Four Legged (Adjustable)
9980 1500

•    Metallic stick with`U' shape hand grip with broad base of 
     specifically designed angled legs can be held close to user's 
     body for maximum support. 
•    Height adjustment is made by slipping spring locking pin and
     is adjustable from 76cm to 96cm. 
•    Fitted with rubber shoe for safety. 
•    Powder coated finish.

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IMI Cane / Crutch Tips
90 200

Cashback  90

•    Broad based non- slip moulded tip, reinforced 
     with a steel insert that is moulded into the base. 
•    Suitable for cane and crutches.

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IMI Walker stick ,Fixed Height (Metal)
370 500

•    Light weight
•    L - shape handle
•    Non slip shoe
•    Powder coated finish
•    Walking disorders

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IMI Crutch Under Arm (Aluminium)
1900 2200

•    Light-weight, P.V.C. sheathed, strong aluminum pipe 
     crutches are fitted with high density rubber under -arm support
     and hand grip. 
•    Height and Handgrip adjustments are easily made with wing 
     nuts in one inch increments. 
•    Fitted with broad based PVC shoes.


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IMI Crutch Under Arm (Aluminium)
1500 2000

•    Lightweight, Anodised Aluminium pipe under-arm crutches are
     fitted with moulded, replacable underarm support & hand grip. 
•    Height & Handgrip adjustments are easily made with wing nuts.
•    Helps facilitate balance and stability while walking .

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IMI-Rollator With Seat, Backrest &Brakes
8000 10500

•    Aluminum frame, Light weight foldable Roll at or with padded 
     seat, wire basket & detachable padded backrest tube. 
•    Each handle bar is individually adjustable for an exact fit.
•    Patient pushes the handle bars to walk. 
•    Suitable for all adults.

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