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Gemini vaporize/ steamer
450 500

•    For treatment of common cold, bronchitis, sinusitis and hay fever.
•    The  effective relief in asthma & nose/throat irritation.

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Gentek Collapsible Side Railing
4500 5000

•    M. S.  Tubular  constructions
•    Two  S.  S.  Rod  of  side  inside  M.  S.  Bushes,
      lockable with  knob  Pre- treated

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Gentek Lifting Pole
2280 2400

•    S. S. Tubular pole fitted with hand grip
•    Easy fitted back side of the head bow
•    Pole can be mounted on either side of the 
     bed and allows the occupant to reposition

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Gentek I.V. Rod for Hospital Bed(Telescopic)
1350 1400

•    A telescopic stainless steel infusion stand with a range
     of height adjustable from 110 to 195 cm, adapted for insertion in to
     the  lifting pole holder at the head end of the bed
•    It Can be locked to prevent unwanted rotating

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kitty self defence key chain
118 149

Cashback  118

•    Kitty Self Defence with knuckle will make you more
    effective in your self-defense.
•    It has two sharp ears and it can be really painful when
    hit with force to attacker.
•    The eye holes  are made to have a firm grip by inserting
    two of your fingers.

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Personal safety alarm v.1.0
325 299

•    It is useful in case of medical emergencies too.
•    A loud personal safety alarm that scares your attacker and helps to
    draw attention of people around .    
•    Easily tag it to to your belongings and get it activated to raise help signal.

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Personal safety alarm v. 5.0
325 599

•    It is a sturdy personal safety alarm with ultra high
    loudness & easy methodology.
•    Suitable for women, senior citizens & children.
•    It can come in very handy in times of threat and emergencies.

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Expandable baton
599 799

•    Batons are used world wide for self defence that delivers 
    strong striking power to keep the criminals aside
•    These retractable batons are great for police
    enforcement, security guards, and effective for personal 
    self-defense giving you that extra reach and advantage! Baton
    is also a psychological advantage against anti-social elements 
    which makes it a must have self defense tool.

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Drache Stun gun
3199 4000

•    Drache is effective for personal self-defense.
•    All components and parts of this electric shocker have free access 
•    when it is necessary to repair the product or to replace the consumable 
    cushioning elements .
•    This can be used by security guards, police enforcement , night travelers.

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