Omron Step Counter(Hj-005)
500 1060

·      It is an easy to use and practical device to keep track

     of the number of steps you take in any given period.

·      It has an extra large LCD display so you can

     view all statistics with clarity.

·      The adjustable sensitivity switch is used to alter how

·       this steps counting device measures your manner of walking.

·       This horizontally oriented step counter comes in a trendy

      blue colour and a sleek design.

·       To monitor your progress,you simply need to strap on this Omron

      pedometer at your waist with its belt clip, switch on

      the device and start walking.

·       Lightweight, simple, yet very efficient.

·      It is a great steps counting device to kick-start your exercise plans.

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Omron Step Counter (HJ-320)
1100 1420

·        It uses a 3D sensor to accurately record your

daily steps and distance walked.

·        The advanced 3D smart sensor technology knows

exactly when  you’re taking a step, making it more

accurate than other step counters which may use

a simple pendulum design.

·        It can be placed in your pocket, bag,hip or anywhere on

your person and still achieves accurate results.


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Omron Step Counter(HJ-325)
1350 1900

·          It features advanced 3D Smart Sensor technology

·          It is more accurate than other step counters which

 use a simple pendulum design.

·          The 7 days memory helps you keep track of your daily

 activity to help you reach your fitness goals.

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Omron Step Counter (HJ-321)
2000 2830

·          3 dimensional sensor technology used.

·          Displays number of steps, distance aerobics steps

 and calories burned with 7 days history storage.

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Omron Step Counter(Hja-313)
2500 3725

·         Weekly Diet Support Display

·         Achievement Level Indicator

·         Active Engine 2 Technology

·         Weekly Diet Display

·         Calories Burned Display

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