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ID Juicy Lube Water Based Lubricant Coal Mint
400 650

•    ID Juicy lubricant is tailor made for those who want their next experience in bed to be unique 
•    The  flavorful without sacrificing the quality
•    It offers a nice minty aroma along with exceptional lubrication during intimate sessions
•    It is the best flavored lube for playing with your partner,by yourself,or with one of your toys

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ID Jelly Extra Thick Water Based Lubricant
240 450

•    Id jelly lubricant knows how to hold on, this thick personal lubricant will stay in place where others just slip out. 
•    This formula uses the same one found in ID glide with an altered consistency.
•    The thick texture of this product makes sure that it stays where you put it
•    It  is specially has design to stay in place and will find a great home with those who desire a thicker lubricant,
•    But want to steer away from silicone-based formulas.

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Moods Coal Cube
250 500

•    Moods cool lubricants are designed to reduce friction while involved in sexual activity.
•    They are used during sexual intercourse and masturbation to decrease the friction and ease in penetration.
•    Moods cool lubricating gel (60 ml) is a water-based lubricant.
•    Water-based lubricants are water soluble and are widely used as personal lubricants.

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