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•    Crepe Bandage, which are fabricated in compliance with all the norms .
•    Manufactured using thick fabric, these bandages have several
•    Features suchj as woven fast edges, better elasticity, controlled,
•    These bandages Help in allowing normal skin breathing, 
•    As they do not hamper joint and muscular flexibility.
•    The elasticity of these bandages and enhance their functional life, one should
•    Wash them in warm soapy water, then rinse thoroughly in fresh water of tap,
•    Then squeeze them gently and all

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Foam Roller
700 1200

•    If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen foam rollers around and have had no idea how to use them.
•    You thought to yourself, “I don’t need a tool to help me stretch
•    But using a foam roller is the perfect complement to your yoga practice,

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Physio IFT Wire One Set
320 500

•    IFT wire is used in Interferential therapy unit.
•    It is made of high quality material.
•    Strong and durable.

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Physio IFT Pad One Set(4 pcs)
220 400

•    This pad is made with the highest quality adhesive gel.
•    It ensures reusability.
•    It is designed to provide comfort while delivering the most efficient treatment.

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Physio SWD Heating Pad(One Pair)
1200 2000

•    SWD pad is used in short wave diathermy.
•    It is highly reliable.
•    It offers high performance.

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United Auto Mode Channel TENS
7000 8000

•    Reckoned amid one of the distinguished business names, 
    we are enthusiastically affianced in presenting a huge spectrum 
•    In line with the universally accepted values and norms

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United Sundom Laser Therapy Equipment
50000 80000

•    Based on international standards & specifications
•    Cluster probe with one central emitter & 
    six peripheral emitters to facilitate accurate and speedy performance

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United Short Wave Diathermy 500 Watt
40000 45000

•    With firm obligation towards supremacy, 
    we have come up with an inclusive spectrum 
•    Valued broadly due to its reliability

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United Interferential Therapy Unit
23000 25000

•    We are listed amid one of the best business enterprises instrumental 
•    The material used in the fabrication of these 
    products is acquired form specialized

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