steamer and vaporizer

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Cashback  200 Offer
Gemini vaporize/ steamer
450 500

•    For treatment of common cold, bronchitis, sinusitis and hay fever.
•    The  effective relief in asthma & nose/throat irritation.

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Equinox Steam Vaporizer
350 450

·          It is a very easy-to-use product.

·          It helps reduce congestion.

·          It is beneficial when fighting off a cold or dealing with allergies.

·          The plastic body is shock resistant and comes with a long cord.

·          The vaporizer can be used for facial sauna as well which will

 help in cleaning or removing clogs out of the face.

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Arogya Steam Vaporizer
75 140

Cashback  75

·          Respiratory/Healthcare Treatment

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Ozomax Sauna Steamer
350 465

·          The facial sauna is the natural way to beautify skin.

·          Simple and easy to use.

·          Deep cleansing action. Dislodges skin impurities and

 promotes a clear and fresh complexion.

·          The steam vapors also help to relieve the discomforts

 of nasal congestion, catarrh cold and sinusitis.

·          Easy to clean.

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Ozomax Elda Steamer
250 365

·          Three in one steamer is having three different attachments. 

·          First one for vaporizing steam.

·          Second one nozzle inhaler and third one for facial sauna. 

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Ozomax Miracle Steamer
250 345

·         With facial attachment to beautify skin as steam dislodges

 impurities & dirt from the skin. 

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Ozomax Marvel Vaporizer
200 300

Cashback  200

·          Easily Detachable Head.

·          Sleek Look.

·          Safe & Effective.

·          Low Power Consumption.

·         With Nozzle Attachment .

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Ozomax Easy Vaporizer
200 300

Cashback  200

·          It is a double-wall jug vaporizer to produce

 extra steam in seconds.

·         Built with first quality of plastic raw material this 

 product is also very easy to operate.

·          The Steam vapors help to relieve the discomforts of

·         Nasal, Congestion, Catarah Cold.

·         Double-Wall Jar helps the water to remain hot for long time.

·         Easy to clean Durable Produces steam in seconds.

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Ozomax Compact Vaporizer
200 270

Cashback  200

·         Best for Steam Inhalations.

·         The Ozomax Compact Vaporizer is a Compact, Personal

 & friendly equipment for every Home.

·         Focused steam Inhalation for the Treatments of common Cold Bronchitis,

·         Nose conditions & Throat irritation due to Allergies, etc.

·         For prevention & Cure related RESPIRATORY Disorders.

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