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United Auto Mode Channel TENS
7000 8000

•    Reckoned amid one of the distinguished business names, 
    we are enthusiastically affianced in presenting a huge spectrum 
•    In line with the universally accepted values and norms

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United Sundom Laser Therapy Equipment
50000 80000

•    Based on international standards & specifications
•    Cluster probe with one central emitter & 
    six peripheral emitters to facilitate accurate and speedy performance

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United Short Wave Diathermy 500 Watt
40000 45000

•    With firm obligation towards supremacy, 
    we have come up with an inclusive spectrum 
•    Valued broadly due to its reliability

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United Interferential Therapy Unit
23000 25000

•    We are listed amid one of the best business enterprises instrumental 
•    The material used in the fabrication of these 
    products is acquired form specialized

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United Digital Ultrasonic Therapy Unit
7000 10000

•    We are listed amid one of the distinguished business names engaged 
•    The arena of bringing forth a comprehensive consignment of Digital Ultrasonic Therapy Unit.
•    These are perfectly designed using hi-tech techniques under 
    the command of experienced and talented executives

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Caputron Apex Type A tDCS Device
20160 25000

•    The ApeX Type A 18V – Ultimate Bundle is a great way to get started 
     with tDCS as quickly as possible.
•    It includes a complete set of accessories for those who want get going
     right out of the box. 
•    The ApeX Type A 18 volt Ultimate Bundle for tDCS is a great choice for 
     someone looking for an affordable tDCS device.
•    It has great features, excellent design and comes assembled and ready to use, 
     including a set of ElectroSquare electrodes, electrode connecting cables 
     (4 ft/1.2 meter banana to banana cables) and 2 high quality terrycloth electrode
     positioning headbands.

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Caputron Focus Go Flow Pro tDCS Device
18480 21500

•    Focus Go Flow is a hand-held battery-powered easy to use tDCS brain stimulator. 
•    The device utilizes a microprocessor controlled circuit to provide an accurately 
      regulated current. 
•    Unlike other commericially available 9 Volt devices, the Go Flow features a voltage
      step up circuit that provides a max voltage of 25V. 
•    The ensures the ability to provide up to 2mA of current with any traditional tDCS montage. 
•    The Go Flow also features a built in timer. Simply set the session length you want and 
      let Go Flow do the rest. 
•    The microcontroller will provide a smooth ramp up and ramp down of current, a feature
      that is overlooked by other devices but extremely important for tDCS.

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Caputron Super Specific Devices tDCS Device(Analog Metered 12-24)
19694 22501

•    This anything but basic analog stimulator runs on a 12V battery and delivers
     continuously variable regulated and limited Direct Current.
•    The 12-24 selectable voltage design allows the user to set the desired output
     voltage of the device. 
•    The maximum current output on this device is less than 2.15 mA.

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Caputron Super Specific Devices tDCS Device( Analog Metered 12 Volt )
18058 20500

•    Calibrated Analog mA meter with an accurate 3mA scale
•    Continuously Variable Current Control Knob
•    Calibrated to deliver 2.2 mA (Max)
•    Set target current from 0.2mA to 2.2Ma
•    Runs on one standard CR123a battery (included)

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