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Ks care gauze swab with x ray thread 16 ply
472 590

•    The folded margin option allows adjustment of the swabs
•    Gauze swabs with X-ray thread are produced from bleached 
•    The advantage is a good absorbency, breathability and softness
•    Opening without creation unwanted fraying edges: the other options
•    The non-sterile gauze swabs are packaged 100 swabs per paper bag.
•    The unwoven X-ray thread allows checking gauze swabs during X-ray radiation. 

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Gentek Invailid Wheelchair -Electric
170500 180000

•    Wheelchair Electronic with Safety Lamp
•    Adjustable Armrest Pad, Detachable Side board
•    Adjustable Angle Backrest
•    Maximum Distance covered on Single

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Gentek Invailid Wheelchair -Foldable
7500 8000

•    Powder coated Aluminium frame
•    Reclining high back
•    Detachable armrest
•    Elevating footrest
•    Solid rear wheel
•    Longer service life
•    Resistance against corrosion


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IMI- C. P. Wheelchair Child (Pediatric)
26900 30500

•     C.P.Wheelchair Folding with Head & Side Supports,
      Chest-Straps and Push Breaks is most suitable for
      children with special needs.
•     Wheelchair has adjustable Seat Tilt and Backrest Tilt with
      adjustable Armrest & Elevating Footrest for comfortable 
      positioning of the child.
•     Tubular Aluminum Light Weight Frame Fitted With 
      6" PVC Casters & 16" Mag Wheels.


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IMI- Wheelchair, Folding+ Recline Back (Super DLX)
12900 15500

•    The Elevating, Detachable and Swing-away Leg Rests with large
      Leg supports allows comfortable positioning of the patient and 
     detachable Armrests allows easy transfer from bed. 
•    An adult foldable deluxe wheel chair with strong leatherette made Seat 
     & Recline able Back comes with extra-long Head support 
•    Rear wheels are fitted with self-propelling rings & forward 
     push safety / parking brakes.


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Vissco Champ Wheelchair (Writing Pad -Child)
15425 16450

  • 20" Big wheel removable 
  • Light weight 
  • Writing pad (optional)
  • Power coated frame
  • 6Wheels Wheelchair 
  • Anti Tilt 
  • High grade Aluminum wheel 20"

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Vissco Comfort Lite Wheelchair ( Commode)
8971 10789

  •  Fix  armrest 
  • Fix footrest 
  • Light weight
  • Chrome plated 
  • With commode

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Vissco Comfort Wheelchair (Commode)
10500 15421

  • Epoxy powder coated
  • Fixed armrest
  • Removable armrest
  • Stainless steel top
  • High grade antibacterial commode basket


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Vissco Rodeo EXT Reclining Commode Wheelchair(Spoke Wheel)
8785 14029

  • Height adjustable backrest
  • Chrome plated
  • Removable armrest
  • Elevating leg rest
  • Reclining back

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